Child Deluxe Samurai Costume

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The DuelTension hangs in the air like a thick fog

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An ominous breeze ripples through the grassy field as your child locks eyes with his sworn enemy, the imaginary ninja known as..

Both of them have their toy katanas drawn


Davy finds himself unprepared for the precision slash performed by your child

He has proven himself to be the greatest samurai warrior in the land!Product DetailsDoes your child have a heavy sense of honor Well, then maybe it's time you sent your child on a nbsp mission to hunt down imaginary ninjas while wearing this child samurai costume

His samurai honor has been reclaimed

It all started when Davy stole a cookie from your child many moons ago during snack time, and now your child is finally ready to exact his revenge

It comes with a set of red faux armor, which has details to make it look like the paneled lacquered armor of historical samurai garb

It even comes with an intimidating helmet that will your child get the edge in any duel.Next MusashiWho knows! Your child might even become the next Miyamoto Musashi when he wears this samurai costume

Just make sure to pair this costume up with any of our toy samurai swords to make sure that your child is ready to do battle with any imaginary foe that he might encounter

The costume is inspired by the samurai of feudal Japan

The ninja nbsp disappears into nothingness and your child's mission is complete

The ninja nbsp makes a step to the left

The ninja nbsp takes a step back

The stolen cookie has been avenged

Their feud nbsp runs deep

Then, finally, the tension breaks with a loud battle cry! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyaaaaaaah! Your child charges his imaginary opponent, Davy the Ninja, with his toy katana raised in the air

They're poised to attack at any moment

Your child cautiously takes a step to the right

Your child takes a step forward